Friday, September 7, 2012

1 Month to Go!

Yep, one month until we say 'I Do'.  Yay!  The home stretch is finally here!  Now it's time for all the last minute details!  I am getting very excited!

Also, I just finished by second week of teaching at Wasatch, and I'm in the midst of my first week teaching at CBT.  I gotta say, 3 jobs is hard so far, it's too much.  I'll see how the next little while goes, but I'm already stressing quite a bit.

Good teaching moments so far:

It is really sweet when the little ballerinas come hug me (too tight and they fight to get closest to me).  It still cheers me up after they've been so noisy during class. (An hour twice a week with 7 year olds trying to teach them ballet technique.  What????)

Making fun (in my head) of the super uncordinated 9th grade boys.  I love that they're moving their hips like I tell them and they're actually trying.  They're a little talkative, but when it comes down to it, they do everything I tell them to; even if it's doing a figure 8 with their hips.

Having a sweet little 7th grader come up to me and tell me that she loves having me as a dance teacher, asking me about my wedding, and asking if she can already call me Mrs. Bowen.  So sweet.  Way better than the looks of confusion/boredom/horror I get from some of them.

Being asked to be interviewed for the school paper by a very articulate 9th grader. 

I have the CUTEST intro to jazz class.  They are going to be a blast.