Sunday, October 14, 2012

Honeymoon (last half)

Puerto Vallarta!  We spent one day (Thursday) in Puerto Vallarta!  I wish we could have spent two because it was amazing and beautiful here.  We got off the boat, Kevin talked to some guy (had no idea what he said)  but then we were off on an adventure!  We ended up going on a tour of the city, and then they dropped us off at an incredible park where they had swimming and zip-lining.  It was such an awesome experience.  It started off very hot and very very humid, then it started to pour rain when we were in the rain forest, which made it even more of an adventure.

The zip-lining was incredible!  I even went upside down while the guide spun me around.  The park was where they filmed the movie Predator, so everything was Predator themed.  They even had one worker dress up, hide in the rain forest and jump out and scare you.  I screamed so loud.  Added to the excitement, I suppose. If you ever go zip-lining, just make sure you break.  One lady in our group failed to do so, she hit so hard, let go of the handle bars (#1 rule), and hit her head pretty hard.  Good thing we wear helmets!  I'm pretty sure she kicked our guide and hurt him too.  

We also ended up at a tequila tasting tour before we stopped at the adventure park.  We now know how tequila is made and that Jose Cuervo is not good tequila!  In case you ever need to know.  We felt out of place.  We told them we were from Utah and they understood. :)

By the end of the day we purchased a couple of bracelets, some cokes, and a sun to hang up in our house.

It's so beautiful here!

Look at this place!  

I want to live in Puerto Vallarta one day.  Or at least go back here again. 

Kevin going down the slide (made out of rocks, but it didn't hurt at all)

After going down the slide, in the rain, in a rain forest. 

See me?  Plugging my nose going into the water.  Kevin is twisting so he doesn't land on me. 

This was our last 'off the boat' day in Mexico, and I was sad to leave.  These places are so beautiful!  I really can't say it enough.  The last two days we spent relaxing, eating, and more relaxing.  We had SUCH a great time!  (P.S. Mexico has some nasty huge bugs)

Every night they would turn down our bed, leave us towel animals  and two pieces of chocolate.  The elephant was my favorite. 

Chocolate Extravaganza!  There really is way too much food on cruises.  gluttony, anyone??

How could we not?  We each had a bite of each one and called is good.   We waited in line forever, so we made it count!  
I can't believe it's already over!  I am very excited to get back and start putting together our place!  See you back in SLC!


WE'RE MARRIED!    Once I get all the pictures back I will do a post about that.  In short, in was wonderful and everything was a blur of emotion, fun, and excitement.   

I am currently in Long Beach after a week in the sun on a Cruise.  We had such a great time and I am feeling sad thinking that I have to go back to work tomorrow.  I wanted to blog soon so I wouldn't forget all we did and because I am excited :)

The day after we were married, we flew out to Long Beach to stay the night before we boarded on Sunday.  We woke up the next day, got ready and took a taxi down to the port.  I've never been on a cruise before and the whole boarding process was tricky.  A lot of people fit on a cruse ship!  We finally got on, got settled and went to our first fancy dinner.  It was very nice to have nice meals all the time and not have to worry about the price.

The next day was our first day at sea.  Nothing much to report.... until Tuesday.  Which was our first day in Cabo! We got off the boat in the morning, took a water taxi to Lover's Beach.  The other side of Lover's Beach is Divorce Beach which has crazy big waves.  The water in Cabo was wonderful!!  After the beach we walked around and Kevin bartered and we got a plate, a little bowl, a sundress for me, and a headband type thing.

Divorce Beach

We bought a mango from this nice man. 

Enjoying the mango

Beautiful Cabo!
We had two day in Cabo!  The next day (Wednesday)  we woke up and decided to walk around the city more.  Kevin bought a hat, and we walked all around in the HEAT and stopped at a little bar and got some water and chips and salsa.  Then we walked around to the beach.  This is the most beautiful beach I have ever been to.  Calm, warm water, nice sand, perfect temperature.  It was perfect!

At the bar, it was SO HOT!

Showing off my Cabo headband

My Spanish translator at the best beach ever

Up next.... Puerto Vallarta!!