Monday, July 2, 2012

Beach House Injury

Per request, I am going to blog about my little injury that happened in California.  I was going upstairs after a nice, relaxing day at the beach, walk into the beach house, turn to close the door and my toe got in the way.  Stupid door!  It hurt way worse than usual so I looked down to see my big toe nail hanging on by a thread.  My first instinct was to put it back and pretend it didn't happen.  A second later I realized that was not possible so I asked the people upstairs to get me a paper towel.  Apparently I didn't sound panicked, but I sure felt panicked.  Once I told them my toe nail came off and I saw my brother and sister coming to my rescue I began to freak out more.  I started shaking, and once I hopped up the stairs with brothers help I started to feel very light headed.  It was very terrifying to see my toe nail lying next to my foot instead of on my toe.  and it hurt really bad.  My brother in law Mark cleaned it up (bless his heart because my toe was disgusting) while my other brother in law Mark documented the whole thing.

I was hot, then cold. Hence the wash cloth on my head and blanket.

In shock.  you can see straight up my nose.  Ignore that. 


It came off all in one piece.  Impressive, I guess.  


This was the next day.  Still disgusting.
Now my toe only hurts a little and is starting to heal!  I'm a little nervous about how my toe nail will grow back, and I hear it takes a few months.  I hope by  my wedding it will at least be semi-normal!

California 2012

A few days at home after Lake Powell I went to Newport Beach, California with my family.  After a long car ride being fiance-less with too much traffic we arrived at our Beach House.  I love the beach so much and I had so much fun being with  my whole family.  The first beach day I had a little injury (I'll blog about that next).  Then I hobbled around Knott's Berry Farm, and Disneyland going on as many rides as I could fit in.  Kevin arrived on Wednesday and I was so excited to see him.  I was always the independent girl who didn't outwardly miss my significant other.  Well, that sure changed once I met Kevin.  I missed him so much and I am happy he was able to come after his dive meet and go to disneyland with me.  The day after he arrived we went to Disneyland/California Adventure for about 14 hours.  It was magical, tiring, wonderful, and fun.  My favorite parts were Pirates, Tower of Terror, the color show, and Indiana Jones.  (btw single riders are the way to go if disneyland is way crowded.)  Now here are some pictures.....

Sweet little Chloe

This cute little girl had a birthday.  I can't think of a better way to spend your second birthday than going to Disneyland

Knott's Berry Farm!  The rollercoasters are awesome!

Cuties.  all of them. 

They love him.  More than me, it's ok.  

Balboa Island

She has the biggest crush on him.  It's adorable, except she wants nothing to do with me when he's around. 



Mrs. Knott's chicken dinner

Beach time!  

Lake Powell 2012

Hello blog world.  I have much to blog about.  I decided to start with my recent trip to Lake Powell.  It's the Bowen tradition to go to Lake Powell every summer, and this was the second time going with them.  I thought this would be a normal trip, but it was far from that.  For a while now, Kevin and I have been planning our wedding, without being engaged.  We decided probably about 3 or 4 months ago to for sure get married, and Kevin called the temple to confirm a date in April.  So, I knew a proposal was coming.  However, I did not think it was going to happen in Powell because a) he told me he didn't have the ring yet, and b) he's usually a really bad liar when it comes to this kind of thing.  When he bought the diamond with his uncle, he called me on the way home telling me all about it, so I thought for sure I knew when the proposal was coming.  I was wrong.

It happened on our second day there (I think.)  Time is very weird in Powell, the days seem to mesh together.  My most favorite thing to do in Lake Powell is tube.  I love it, except the fact that sometimes you get minor whip lash.  So when the time came to go tubing I was all for it.  I didn't seem to notice that only the  Bowen family was going, and that multiple cameras, the video camera, and martinellis were also along for the ride.  Once we got on the tube we were in this pretty channel.  We started going really slow and I was a little confused on why we weren't going on the normal death ride I was used to.  All this time his family was taking pictures and filming.  Then Kevin starts shifting on the tube and I thought we were going to try to stand up or something.  (I was so obvlivious.) He was on his knee and I was still trying to figure out what we were doing when he proposed and pulls out the fake ring. (the real ring was on the boat just in case of an accidental drop in the lake).  I was very shocked.  I probably asked him 25 times if he was serious.  Then I said yes, we hugged, kissed, fell in the lake, and took pictures and drank martinellis with his family.  I am so excited and happy.  I found my match, my best friend, and my eternal companion.

I do not have any pictures of the event because it's not on my computer.  Once I get them I'll post a few.  There are only a few decent ones because I am sunburned, in shock, and soaking wet.  All of that doesn't matter because I had the most perfect engagement.