Monday, August 20, 2012

Teacher Time

Today I had my first meeting as a real life teacher!  It got me so excited.  I have a nice sized dance room (with weird mirrors that only cover half of one wall), but it's still great.  I get my OWN huge office along with my own shower and my own bathroom.  So I can work-out in the fitness room after school, and then take a shower.  It really is the best.

My meetings today were alright.  Most of the stuff they were talking about doesn't apply to me because I'm a dance teacher and will not be the one who gives the students standardized testing.  So a lot of the time i was daydreaming of choreography and planning what I wanted in the performance in November.

I can't wait to meet my students, decorate my office a little bit and get this year started!!

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  1. so excited for you to start the teaching job!!! it sounds awesome! the kids are so lucky to have you! :)